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The Campus Draft

by Meredith Turner | January 31, 2014

By Meredith Turner, Manager, Recruiting

Seattle is a-frenzy with Seahawks football, and it is AWESOME.


Earlier this week, Marchex participated in a campus recruiting event at UW, which is run in partnership with the school’s top-ranked Computer Science and Engineering department. As we connected with students on Wednesday I couldn’t help but think that we’re a bit like the Seahawks’ coach, Pete Carroll.  We’re looking to build our software engineering team in the best way possible.  With depth.  With breadth.  And with players who can cover the field wherever they are needed.

While we need wisdom on the team, we’re also eager to welcome the rookies who have the drive, if not necessarily the experience, to push through to the end, celebrate victory and most important, learn from failure.

This year, we’re drafting more new grads and interns than we ever have before. Competition in this pool is fierce.  We find ourselves going head-to-head with Microsoft, Google and Amazon, not to mention a crop of new startups. We’re excited about the several new team members who have signed on already. Our senior engineers are going to coach and guide these new players as they make their way on the field.

The new grads are going to ship code fast.  They’re going to learn what it takes to be part of a team that wins – and occasionally loses – together.  They’re going to get to bring their ideas and we’re going to listen to them to learn how they think we should execute. These incredibly smart students are going to help Marchex get to the post-season with some amazing new innovations.

We can’t wait to see what happens.

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