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Customer Success: Allconnect works with Marchex Call Analytics for Search

by Stephanie Craig | February 11, 2015

This week I’d like to feature Allconnect, a customer of Marchex Call Analytics for Search.  Allconnect offers consumers a convenient single source comparison and connection to integrated media, broadband, home protection, energy and green products. The company manages 15 Web sites, 40 million paid search keywords and more than $10 million in annual advertising spend.

The Challenge

Allconnect came to Marchex with a huge problem that most search marketers face, a lack of keyword-level visibility for calls from mobile search, specifically click-to-call extensions. This meant that despite investing heavily in click-to-call campaigns, Allconnect’s search marketing team was flying blind, unable to understand which specific keywords were driving calls with purchase intent.

“We know how to drive traffic. What we needed to do was to find an efficient way to truly understand the value of each one of our keywords. We needed a product to help us do just that — and, until now, it didn’t exist,” Brad Roberts, Vice President Digital Marketing & eCommerce.

Roberts and his team worked closely with us as we created Call Analytics for Search and their feedback was invaluable.

The Solution

Using Marchex Call Analytics for Search, the only solution to deliver 100% keyword attribution for click-to-call, Allconnect was able to have complete visibility into which keywords were driving phone calls from paid search.

“Allconnect is a company that is constantly looking for innovative technology to enhance our business; we are really excited to see the development of Marchex Call Analytics for Search. No other product on the market has been able to optimize our results in this way,” he said. “Marchex listens to their clients. They aren’t just engineers building things in a box they are building things that are a need in the marketplace.”

The results

Call Analytics for Search boosted gross profit for click-to-call campaigns by 50 percent and decreased its cost-per-acquisition by 43 percent.

“The real-time data really boosted our results and showed us where we had untapped opportunities,” Roberts said.

“As far as the bigger picture, where we previously had zero visibility on which keywords actually drove consumer phone calls from mobile click-to-call ads, we now have the ability to do things like make our keywords more thematic, if our data tells us that these keywords drive more of the calls we want. So as obvious as it may sound, it’s much easier to optimize our keywords, now that we can finally know which keywords and types of keywords drive the consumer calls we want, and we can focus our marketing spend on the keywords that have a higher propensity to convert to sales.”

Now What?

I’m really excited about the positive results initial customers like Allconnect are seeing. They now have complete visibility into the keywords that are driving sales calls. 100% keyword attribution paired with the ability to see which calls are quality calls and seamless integration with bid management platforms make Marchex Call Analytics for Search the only solution to solve this measurement gap.

See how it works: http://vimeo.com/117614284

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