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Join Marchex at This Year’s Contact.io Conference in San Francisco

by Guy Weismantel | February 2, 2017

The Best Call to Action—is a Phone Call!


That’s the tagline for this year’s Contact.IO conference, and it couldn’t be more appropriate to describe the immense need for marketers to understand how their marketing mix and spending turns a viewer into a caller, and eventually, into a customer.

That conversational commerce is a huge part of our economy is nothing new!  While we tend to focus on the dominance of a certain online retailer whose headquarters is just up the street from us here in Seattle, the fact is that over 90% (source BIA Kelsey) of the commerce in our country happens in a store or on the phone.  And last year with the continued explosion of mobile devices, just calls themselves increased 19%.

We’re excited to be sponsoring this year’s event and speaking on how some of our own customers here at Marchex have boosted their performance from their own click-to-call campaigns.   If you’re attending the conference, join me at 11:00 on February 7th to gain some insights on how you can tie your marketing and media spend to the high-intent signal your customers are giving you when they pick up the phone and call.

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