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The Value of Omnichannel Consumers

by David Rollison | February 8, 2017

Omnichannel is the word that’s on the tip of every marketer’s tongues these days. And, while many are still struggling to define the word, others still are implementing omnichannel strategies and bolstering their business. The biggest omnichannel winner right now are retailers, especially those who drive eCommerce transactions. In a recent post from Business Insider covering a survey from the Harvard Business Review, it was determined that “shoppers who engage with retailers across multiple touch-points are driving boosts in conversion rates online and offline.”

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here, BI has some pretty clear points on why omnichannel shoppers are more valuable than single channel shoppers:

  • Omnichannel shoppers spend an average of 4% more in brick-and-mortar stores, and 10% more when shopping online.
  • Omnichannel customers visit brick-and-mortar stores 23% more over a 6-month period, and are more likely to recommend this store to friends, colleagues and family.
  • Omnichannel shoppers spend 9% more in stores after using four or more channels to interact with a brand.

The focus remains on retailers who drive eCommerce transactions, with the online to offline journey seemingly a fringe benefit. That may be because, as of this writing, few options are available to brands who rely on offline interactions like phone calls or in-store visits for the bulk of their revenue. Whatever the reasons, it’s clear that offline retailers who have an online, digital marketing presence need more options to understand and optimize for the omnichannel journey so prevalent in today’s marketplace.

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