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Stellar Tips for Complete Omnichannel Marketing Success

by Sterling Weiss | February 23, 2017

Have you jumped on the omnichannel marketing bandwagon yet? Odds are, you are already employing some form of multi-channel marketing strategy and tactics. And, you likely have tools or resources that help you measure the impact of those efforts.

mobile apps concept

The term “omnichannel” refers to optimizing your media strategy through a different, holistic lens: That of your customer’s experience. Marketers now need to provide a seamless experience, regardless of channel or device. Consumers can now engage with a company online via a website or app, social media, or offline at a physical store or catalog. One brand I think of that’s nailed the execution of a customer-focused Omnichannel strategy is Starbucks. Their branding is the same look, feel and voice online or offline. A double tall macchiato, whether purchased online or offline, is consistently the same experience whether ordered in Boston or Bangkok.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

So, what does taking a holistic view look like in the real world? Marchex has helped a number of recognizable brands by offering a “lens” into the customer experience or path-to-purchase. For example, one client, a leading premium hotel brand with several thousand locations, was leveraging a local market strategy for reservation bookings. Who better to deliver a great customer experience than those at the actual locations to take calls for reservations? Seems logical, right? However, by gaining insights into how the consumer was engaging the brand, they learned that 15% of calls were not being answered. In addition, they learned that how agents engaged the customer while on the phone varied by location and agent. That’s a significant fail for a brand that’s built on delivering a best-in-class customer experience.

A man with a plan.


From what industry data I’ve seen, roughly 3 in 4 enterprise brands are either immersed in, or thinking about Omnichannel strategies with the majority in the “thinking about” bucket. In my experience, that can mean different things to different roles. They are:

Marketing: Marketers want to gain better insights into what media is best at engaging, influencing or driving high-intent, high conversion customers. (Ex: How is Facebook affecting calls or sales?)

Operations: Stakeholders in an operations capacity typically need insights into the degree to which staff is optimizing processes or resources. (Ex: How is our call routing process affecting the CX or enabling rev gen?)

Sales: Here, it’s all about the revenue. The sales channel typically wants to know what the best-practices are of their top producers so they can scale. KPI’s can be in the form of revenue, CX or script adoption. (Ex: Why the variance in rev per transaction w/in a sales team? Why do some locations have great online reviews, not others?)

What aspect of the customer journey are you most interested in gaining insights? Does it make sense to collaborate with the op’s or sales channel to pool resources?

It’s like herding cats.

It’s one thing to obtain data, it’s another to interpret and make it actionable. But therein lies a challenge. Aligning with solutions providers is a challenge in itself. Just look at the number of digital marketing solutions providers there are. For example, in 2011, Scott Brinker of chiefmartec.com composed an infographic of MarTech solutions providers by category. Total providers: 150. The same infographic in 2016 showed approximately 3500 providers. (You can see them here: MarTech Infographics). This explosion of solution providers has created a big problem for marketers: How to effectively manage the different channels, measure their effectiveness and act on the data provided to optimize them. The trick to achieving the results you’re looking for is to align a solution with your specific objectives. Does the prospective partner have experience solving your Omnichannel problem? How experienced are they in your industry? Can they surface your data where you need it?

To learn more about how the modern marketer needs an omnichannel view of their marketing programs, download our latest whitepaper right now

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