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How Omnichannel Measurement Can Acquire More High Intent Clients

by Matthew Butler | February 28, 2017

There are some compelling opportunities emerging in our current marketing landscape – new strategies are now available, allowing marketers to obtain intelligence that scales across all our digital marketing efforts.  We now have the opportunity to truly connect the dots of the entire journey our clients are taking, to understand the signals triggering our highest-intent buyers, and then to intelligently take action to acquire more of these customers.




These three components, when tied together, form the value that marketers need to make smart, more informed media buys.  It’s simply not enough anymore to have just one…

Connect all your media channels and visualize the success metrics for each channel.  Marketers crave the “Omnichannel” view – it’s not enough to measure just one media channel – especially when we look at our budgets across all our media buying efforts.  The game changer here, however – what’s truly new to advertisers – are tools that allow us to understand the offline outcomes of our online calls to action.  Often, that offline outcome is a phone call – the most valuable signal that a prospective buyer is serious about making a purchasing decision.

And, while it’s great to know that a phone call happened, it’s not enough for us to optimize our efforts.  What’s vastly more beneficial to marketers is the ability to understand the call outcomes by using high-intent signals, or the ingredients of that call if you will, that something of value happened on a call.  The key piece here is that your clients are using mobile and click-to-call (C2C) – everyone is connected to a phone, and consumers are using them AS phones (surprise, not just a web browser!) with increased frequency, especially on higher price-point purchases.  Marchex has cracked the code for easily connecting online media with offline actions as part of our new Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud.

It’s one thing to know a call happened, it’s an entirely different level to understand which calls represent “high intent”.  Utilizing custom, configurable “high-intent signals” marketers can now classify the highest-value calls by media channel. Marchex is the only company to own and operate our own speech analytics – a proprietary piece of machine-learning technology, meaning it is an incredibly secure and accurate solution.

Acquire the types of clients you seek by making the most well-informed media placements possible.  For companies utilizing a wide array of tactical media placements like search, social, organic, traditional, etc., we want to make sure we’re making the best investments possible in media that drives high quality new client acquisition.  What if you could examine the success rate of your highest performing channels and invest more of your ad spend into the most valuable revenue streams while turning down the underperforming channels using custom signals unique to each business/use case?

These signals are available – It’s possible to go deeper than ever with regard to your marketing efforts.  Connect, understand, acquire – it can actually be easy to do it all!

If you’re interested in learning more about Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud, please contact us today.

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