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How We Built Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud – Pt 2

by Sundi Raman | March 9, 2017

This is Part 2 of How We Built Marchex Omnichannel Analytics. Last week in Part 1, Sundi Raman talked about how identifying client needs lead to the start of what would become Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud. This week, the rest of the story, starting with The Marchex Audience Graph – The industry’s first offline cookie:

What we needed at this stage of the build process was the capability to retroactively match the anonymized phone number of a consumer to an online impression event represented by a cookie or mobile ID (IDFA, GAID) and the Marchex Audience Graph delivered exactly what we were looking for. Now marketers had the same metrics of click and view-through for offline outcomes of calls like they had for online eCommerce transactions. With the data integrated seamlessly into DoubleClick Campaign Manager, marketers had a unified view into both online and offline outcomes that were influenced by their display and video campaigns. Building an accurate graph involved months of deep data science and leveraging big data processing tools like Spark to analyze insights from an aggregate of hundreds of millions of calls flowing through the Marchex platform. When we realized what we had on our hands, the excitement in the team was palpable.

Business People Success Excitement Victory Achievement Concept

As we solved for display and video, our teams were also constantly thinking about how to quantify and enable social marketers to optimize spend on Facebook and Instagram. Like the display and video channel, Facebook ads influence consumers path to purchase and there was as big a need to join the Facebook ad impressions to offline outcomes of calls as demonstrated by the other channels. Facebook answered this need by introducing the offline conversion API and our team quickly latched to this new avenue to expand our technology.

With three of the major channels now under our belt, the product team at Marchex turned their attention to the multi-touch attribution space. As we all know, no one channel drives a consumer action— they all work in concert to influence a consumers purchase path. The multi-touch attribution platforms were facing the same online to offline challenge. They were able to completely map the consumers path to purchase for all online outcomes, but when the outcome was offline they lost all their visibility. With our learnings and the tech we built to solve for search, display and video and social, we were able to quickly and effectively design a solution for these platforms. Marchex Audience Graph provided the online to offline connectivity and our cookie-sync capability allowed us to deliver user-level data with incredibly strong, industry-leading online to offline match rates. As a result, these platforms are now able to accurately recommend media allocation and optimizations for superior ROI previously unavailable to marketers trying to solve for offline conversions.

As we simultaneously look back and reflect on the future, the technologies Marchex built have put us in an excellent place to look forward, addressing the online to offline challenges fueled by internet of things and the marketing challenges of tomorrow.

To learn more about Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud and the superior ROI it is able to deliver to your business, please contact us today. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so you never miss the latest news, updates, how-to’s and more from Marchex.

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