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Meet the Offline Blind Spot in Your Digital Marketing

by Guy Weismantel | March 16, 2017

Your prospective customer has just gone rogue…You’ve targeted your ads based on their clicks, they’ve asked you for more information on your product—you had them just where you wanted them. And then the trail goes cold. This is your blind spot.

Composite image of businessman burying his head

Perhaps you visit your CRM dashboard to check their last online interaction—did they put something in their shopping cart, spend time on your website, or download your brochure on the new model that just hit the showroom? Despite your online retargeting ads, your offers of coupons and discounts, and your personalized emails, they still don’t respond. Or did they?

Most of the time they’re not truly gone. They’ve just switched channels on you to a place where it’s much harder to see them become a customer. And ultimately, this may be just where you want them. You know your store is busy, you know your call center is ringing with calls, but how do you know if these are the prospects you were targeting online?

Even if you need to get customers into a store or on a call to seal the deal, you still need to invest in online marketing. The challenge is that tracking them from online to offline (O2O) is tough to measure.

close-up of a businessman talking on a mobile phone

The fact is that over 90% of all transactions in today’s economy don’t happen in an e-commerce shopping cart.

As a CMO or digital marketer, now you’re in the hot seat. Your sales team wants warm leads; your CEO wants to see results from the media budget she approved; your finance team looks at the checks they send to your marketing agency and they wonder why you can’t do twice as much for half the budget. All because it seems you’ve lost track of your prospects. Now what?

Perhaps for the first time in history, the hot seat can a good place to be—that is if you can connect the dots between your online efforts and the bump in qualified leads that are fueling increased sales. The light you shine into that blind spot may reflect quite nicely on the true value of your digital marketing expertise.

To learn more about your offline blind spot, and what you can do about it, contact us today

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