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Where Are Digital Marketers Investing in 2017?

by Marchex | March 22, 2017

More than 230 business owners and digital marketers-including SEO, Content, PPC and social media specialists-revealed how much they spend, where they spend it and how they measure the success of their campaigns in the SEJ Annual Report: State of Digital Marketing 2017.

Their responses got us thinking about the effectiveness of our own digital marketing efforts and what we can do to keep track of our customers and prospects as they move back and forth between online and offline experiences with our brand.  Here are a few things from the report that started some great discussions within our marketing team.

SEO Site Audits

47% of survey respondents say that a full SEO audit should be conducted every six months. This got us wondering…

How many marketers take the information from those audits and use it to modify their SEO strategy?

How many SEO experts share the results of their SEO audit with the social media and site content teams to help them get more traction with their social posts and landing pages?

Remarketing Campaigns

68% of respondents utilize remarketing campaigns and 66% of respondents find remarketing campaigns to be effective.

Remarketing opens up a world of opportunities to meet the customer “where they are,” now that you can track potential customers as they move from site to site to social and back.

This brings up a question…what happens when they go offline?  Those trails get a little harder to follow, but it’s not impossible.

Social Media

80% of respondents say that social media is still an effective use of resources. The ability to build and group audiences with increasing precision has made social more relevant than ever. The top three metrics used to evaluate the effectiveness of social media campaigns are: Engagement (39%), Conversions (31%) and Traffic (13%).

Since our business depends on not only getting our message to our audience, but also engaging in conversations that drive awareness, social remains one of our most important channels to drive success.

PPC and Display

Marketers are still pouring money into PPC and display. 42% of respondents allocate most of their digital marketing budget to PPC and display ads.

We’re wondering how many of them have their feet to the fire to make sure this substantial investment pays off, especially for companies that get a significant portion of their revenue offline.

Content that Drives Qualified Leads

41% of respondents said that blog posts are the most effective at bringing in qualified leads. Long-form content such as white papers and e-books come in at a distant second (14%). Other content types include video (12%), webinars (7%), and podcasts (3%).

This report validates our decision to invest in more robust content and systems to help publish it and track the results.  How about you?


You see the full results of the SEJ Annual Report here


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