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SMS: Seven Mobile Stories

by Camille Bishop | April 7, 2017

How Deep Learning Will Disrupt Marketing

By Alexander Neely

AI may only be beginning to make its mark on the world, but its effect on marketing is becoming more and more clear.

Take for instance, the tired marketing mantra of getting the right message to the right customer at the right time.

While that’s long been a goal of marketers, Brandon Purcell, a senior analyst at Forrester, said at Forrester’s AI Summit in New York yesterday that the traditional marketing machine was only capable of identifying the “right customer” and “right time,” not the “right message.”

There is something, however, that could make this into reality. Deep learning, according to Purcell, is a “fast evolving set of technologies and algorithms used by researchers, data scientists, and/or developers to build, train and test artificial neural networks that can be used as predictive models to probabilistically predict outcomes and/or identify complex patterns in data.”

Quite simply, deep learning is the marketing red pill. And with deep learning, Purcell says, brands and marketers should use these AI-marketing innovations to deliver the “right message.”

Snapchat Refines Targeting With Engagement Audiences Feature

By Gavin O’Malley

Under pressure from anxious investors, Snap is courting Madison Ave. with ever fancier ad offerings.

Take Snapchat’s new “Engagement Audiences” initiative, which invites brands to target those users who previously interacted with their ads on the app.

For example, a brand can now can hit audiences who’ve already interacted with their Lens or Geofilter with a fresh Snap Ad campaign.

The point is to help advertisers reach consumers more likely to be in the “consideration stage” — or “mid-funnel” — because they have already shown an interest in their brand.

According to Snap, this sort of offering is not “retargeting” as it is commonly known. Rather, it’s engagement targeting all within Snapchat — rather than involving outside Web sites or data.

Since its debut at the end of 2016, Snap also continues to roll out “goal-based bidding” for installs. Per the program, advertisers can “bid for installs,” which means that buyers can optimize for the lowest cost per install by showing ads to users most likely to install the app.

The Cost Of Milliseconds In The Digital Marketplace

By Jack Loechner

According to a new study from Soasta, The State of Online Retail Performance, describing the cost of a few seconds in the digital marketplace, 53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. Online retailers face enormous challenges in delivering the fast, reliable, 24×7 omnichannel experience, across multiple devices, that shoppers demand.

Understanding the impact of page load speed on metrics like conversions and engagement is a critical component in staying competitive in the age of Amazon, says the report. The study gathered data from 10+ billion online retail user experiences, then analyzed performance metrics from three different perspectives: IT, business, and user experience.

The response to three key questions were eye-opening, says the report. Those questions asked…

What is the “magic number” for page load time that yields the highest conversion rate?

What is the impact of 1 second of performance improvement (or slowdown) on conversion rate/ bounce rate/session length?onl

How are high-performance pages different in terms of size, complexity, and resources, from pages that perform poorly?

How to Use Events to Create Cross-Channel Marketing Success [Infographic]

By Laura Forer

As a marketer, your bag of tricks may include content, email, and social marketing. But what about events?

Event marketing can increase your bottom line by boosting your digital marketing, your brand, and your sales, an infographic released by NCC Home Learning points out.

For example, event marketing helps brands collect demographic information, which can then be used in other marketing campaigns, the infographic explains.

Another benefit? Customers can experience your brand at events, and those offline experiences play a big role in online searches, according to one study cited in the infographic.

For more on how events can boost your marketing and overall bottom line, check out the infographic. Tap or click to see a larger version.

Google To Fact-Check, Flag ‘Fake News’ In Search Results

By Laurie Sullivan

Google furthered its strategy Friday to identify arid rid the online world of “fake news” by globally rolling out a Fact Check tag in Google News search results.

A search on Google about a subject could return an authoritative answer containing fact-checked information for one or more public claims, Justin Kosslyn, product manager at Jigsaw and Cong Yu, research scientist at Google, explain in a co-authored post.

“The snippet will display information on the claim, who made the claim, and the fact check of that particular claim,” the two wrote.

The move extends a Google partnership with Jigsaw last year that enabled publishers to identify and label articles with a fact-check tag. The information was either fact checked by the publisher or another fact-checking organization.

In the latest move, the information will appear in a box or card, similar to how Google serves recipes. The information will be pulled from publishers showing information about the validity of the claim, the person who made it, and whether they think it’s true.

Facebook Gives Agencies More Transparency Following Metrics Blunders

By George Slefo

Facebook has introduced a slew of new features aimed at increasing transparency for advertisers and removing the guesswork on its platform.

The company announced the global changes Thursday, attempting to answer questions like why certain campaigns see unexpected dips in performance and what sort of return can brands expect based on their ad spend.

Marketers have been clamoring for increased transparency after Facebook revealed last year that it had been inaccurately calculating a number of metrics. Facebook in February agreed to let the industry’s Media Ratings Council audit some of its metrics.

The new moves include a redesigned Delivery Insights dashboard as well as new metrics that were previously unavailable. More changes are planned this year, said Sarah Epps, director of core ads marketing at Facebook.

“This isn’t a one and done thing for us,” Ms. Epps said. “It’s the next step of a journey to provide more transparency to empower advertisers with what they need.”

About those sudden dips in performance after a strong debut: A brand that uploads customer data to target look-alike audiences might also be pummelling those users with too many ads over time, leading an eventual drop in returns.

“They get bored of hearing from you,” Ms. Epps said. “You will find that your campaign is likely to achieve its goal when you’re not saturating that audience.”

One-Third of Digital Marketing Budget Spent on Mobile Marketing

By Alexander Neely

In a new report, Adobe showed 85% of marketing decision makers and 94% of IT decision-makers say their organization has a centralized mobile leadership team in charge of the consumer mobile experience.

Marketers are already aware of mobile’s growth, but this shows how brands are gearing up to deal with mobile.

In the past, marketers and brands would respond with a “mobile-first” approach, but according to Adobe’s 2017 Mobile Maturity Report, marketers appear to be maturing in their mobile efforts.

The survey Furthermore, 80% of marketing companies have a team dedicated to creating and publishing mobile apps, and 90% of IT decision makers say the same.

“We’ve seen a real acceleration over the last year from when companies would say mobile’s important. If you actually looked at where they were investing money, they were definitely web-first,” says Matt Asay, VP of mobile at Adobe Marketing Cloud. “Now companies are spending real money and shifting real dollars to mobile.”

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