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Introducing Marchex Speech Analytics

by Guy Weismantel | April 27, 2017

We’ve spoken before about what an exciting time it is to be a marketer. While many of our traditional job duties remain, the position of marketing is evolving from getting the messaging out the door and in front of eyes, to really being able to parse data, to dive into it, and to report to the CEO and Finance and other key stakeholders in the company on the direct effect of marketing programs on sales. Add the hurdle of today’s customer journey zagging from online to offline, and many of today’s marketers could be outside of their natural comfort zone. Today, we’re going to make you a little more comfortable, and make these newer responsibilities just a little easier with the introduction of Marchex Speech Analytics.

speech analytics product

Marchex Speech Analytics is going to be great for not only your marketing programs, but for your sales ops teams as well. More on that in a minute, but let’s tackle the marketing issue first. Marchex Speech Analytics, at it’s base, is going to give both enterprise and mid-market companies a complete understanding of customer experience. What do I mean by that? I mean you’re going to be able to take this product and understand not only what drove prospects to pick up the phone and call your business but also what key events happened during those calls. With this new data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to optimize your marketing programs to target audiences more likely to buy, which will provide a stronger and more complete ROI.



Imagine being able to walk into your monthly reporting session and say, with full certainty, that the money you spent on digital advertising drove a certain number of calls, and that a majority of those calls converted to customers. And then imagine that your sales team could use the exact same product to review call transcripts to spot conversion keywords and optimize phone agent performance. This is the new reality of what Marchex is bringing to the table with Marchex Speech Analytics – aiding both marketing and sales ops on the calls that drive your business.

It’s not just about the lead anymore, it’s about how that lead converted to a sale. Across teams, across channels, Marchex delivers industry-leading analytics that can empower your business to reach your audience, deliver the most relevant message, and convert more calls into sales.

To learn more about Marchex Speech Analytics please download a free copy of our latest whitepaper here

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