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3 Common Questions from Commercial Businesses

by Patrick McNulty | May 3, 2017

The number one question we hear from potential clients is: “Where are my calls coming from?”

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Marketers want to understand what keywords and ad groups are generating calls. While the concept of call tracking has been around for some time, a lot of businesses are just now seeing its potential.

Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud‘s Search Analytics views the marriage of call attribution and speech analytics in real time. The data can trace the call back to a keyword, but it takes it a step further to tell marketers whether that call was a good call or bad call, high intent or low intent, and the likelihood of a conversion.

One client in the automotive advertising space was running basic pay-per-click tracking, but they wanted to focus more on keyword-level tracking. After all, the number one outcome for the auto dealer is for the consumer to make a call, whether that call is to check if an item is in stock, to set up an appointment to view a car or to schedule a service for a vehicle.

Marchex Search Analytics was able to not only answer the client’s question by tying calls back to specific keywords, but it immediately let them know when consumers inquired about a car and what specific make and model.

The second most common question we hear from clients: “How can we understand the consumer journey on our website?”

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A client specializing in real estate management wanted to fire multiple WebHooks from their listing page back to their analytics to track the user experience. They wanted to understand where the listings were coming from, what the consumer was doing on the website and where the consumer was making a phone call from.

Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud’s Site Analytics was able to track this activity on a 1:1 level with session-based tracking. Session-based tracking assigns an ID to every user that visits a website in order to understand their behavior on the site.

Session-based tracking can tell the marketer that a consumer visited these five specific pages and made a call. Clients don’t necessarily need to understand what is transpiring on these calls; they might be more interested in what is causing these calls to occur. We help them quickly answer that, and again, take it a step further. Combining session tracking with speech analytics, Marchex Site Analytics can tell the client whether or not that call was successful.

Marchex developed its own patented speech recognition technology. Our technology transcribes the calls in real time, automatically scores them, and gives the client an indication if something of interest to their business occurred based on setting automated signals.

Regardless of what marketers are trying to accomplish with our products, their next question is almost always: “How will this integrate with my software?”

Before a CMO will even talk with a salesperson, they want to know if the product is actually going to give them an ROI and if it’s going to integrate with their systems. The top integrations they are concerned with are bid management, site analytics, CRM and display advertising.

We help marketers view call outcome data in their native platforms where they make spend allocation and media buying decisions. We send this data via many different integrations and get it back to the client in their bid management and CRM platforms so they are empowered to make marketing decisions.

To learn more about Marchex Omnichannel Analytics Cloud and how it can assist your business with optimizing your marketing and inbound calls, please contact us today.

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