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How AI on the Phone Can Support Marketing Spend and Boost Revenue

by Guy Weismantel | May 9, 2017

As more companies seek to align goals across the organization, where marketing’s responsibility ends and sales begins can start to blur. As the owners of the most, and probably best, customer data, marketing teams are being held accountable for metrics beyond the marketing qualified lead (MQL). Marketing can no longer deliver qualified leads and call it a day; more and more, teams are on the hook to prove that the budget spent resulted in higher revenue.

Why the Sales Ops Team May Hold the Key to Success

Streamlined company initiatives makes collaboration with sales and sales operations teams essential for achieving revenue goals. Marketing automation technology supports online efforts across sales and marketing teams, but for businesses that rely on phone calls to make revenue goals, sales operations teams or more specifically fulfillment teams are critical. Fulfillment teams including call center agents and retail store staff play a key role in revenue outcomes, so it’s important to understand how their efforts affect the bottom line.

How AI and Speech Analysis Can Make Call Centers Smarter

If your marketing goal is tied to the outcome of a store visit of a call, you probably want to know how well your marketing spend performed. Call tracking capabilities aren’t new, but now we can use the data for much more than attribution. In fact, speech analysis technology can uncover deep insights such as:

  • Which high-intent words are most likely to convert to sales
  •  Why some calls don’t convert
  •  What real-time call volume look likes
  •  How much successful and failed calls are impacting revenue

Large franchises with distributed call centers such as Meineke Car Care Centers use speech analytics for agent training. By improving the agent script, Meineke was able to maximize ROI.

Using Data to Optimize Customer Experience and Agent Performance

By analyzing large volumes of call content to find “high-intent” words – words most often heard on successful calls – agents can be trained to listen for these words coupled with campaign messages to detect customers with an intent to buy. Tailored scripts can support the agent inclosing the sale. And even better, the data can be analyzed to identify more customers like the buyer, so advertising can be optimized to reach that audience.

Analysis can also help call center leaders determine why some calls don’t convert. Agents can be trained to improve the outcome of a call. A recent Marchex Institute study of an automotive company call center found that customer service agents increased the likelihood of a sale on their calls by more than 20% when the call began with a pleasant greeting that thanked the customer for their business.

Data analysis to improve marketing ROI now goes beyond analyzing marketing data. For actionable plans that optimize your marketing spend by partnering with your fulfillment team, download our white paper, Converting a Caller into a Customer.

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