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Call Analytics

The leading analytics platform for advertising driven phone calls

Safeguard your data with industry-leading security

Marchex is the only call analytics solution that minimizes the risk to your business from call data loss. Spoken credit card numbers in call recordings are automatically redacted, and built-in call intelligence features are not conducted by third parties. All call data is kept secure within our data center infrastructure leveraging industry standard encryption and redundancy.

Enforce your compliance requirements for data access

Safeguard your callers’ personal and financial information

Learn from call intelligence data, even if you don’t record calls

Don't be the next business held liable for loss of customer data

“We value call recordings to inform Sales and Marketing leadership. I’ve listened to many call recordings, and Marchex’s technology works very well at redacting the PII that we want to mask.”

Tom Garrett, VP Marketing – YMT Vacations

Protect your data with Marchex's robust secure call analytics feature set

Admin Control

Restrict who can view and export data based on accounts, users and permissions that you configure.

Call recording redaction

Safeguard your callers’ financial information by automatically redacting spoken credit card numbers in real-time.

Automatic encryption of call recordings, with configurable data retention rules

Configure data retention rules for stored call recordings that will be encrypted with one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).

Call DNA conversational analytics for all

Expand into call intelligence insights, even if your enterprise doesn’t record calls.

User activity audit trail

Extend your audit workflows with Marchex user logs.

Caller opt-out of call recording & read-only call recordings within Marchex’s web interface

Round out your secure call analytics with additional security features for call recordings.

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