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Call Analytics

The leading analytics platform for advertising driven phone calls

Identify opportunities to improve sales performance

Understand why your customers are calling with Call DNA, the only speech analytics technology to automatically visually map, classify and score every phone call – without requiring a call recording. Call DNA Premium adds full transcripts and keyword spotting to every phone call so you can optimize your response to callers and tune ad campaigns to drive calls with high conversion potential.

Tune ad campaigns to drive calls with high conversion potential

Pinpoint calls that reference a specific product or service

Identify and take action on missed sales opportunities

Watch how Call DNA works

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Maximize conversion rates with Call DNA


Package includes


Package includes

Quickly assess call patterns
Target specific call segments to analyze
Automatically classify and score calls
Determine call and advertising channel quality
Delivers full transcripts
Provides keyword spotting
Automatically spots phone calls that end in a sale

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Introducing Call DNA Premium

Call DNA Premium delivers full transcripts and keyword spotting on every phone call so you can optimize your response to callers and tune ad campaigns to drive calls with high conversion potential.

The premium feature quickly identifies conversations that end in a sale, reference a specific product or reveal missed sales opportunities.

Marketers can tune ad campaigns towards high-converting media channels and uncover actionable insights that improve sales conversion rates.

Use the most accurate and secure solution

As the only call analytics platform with proprietary speech analytics technology, Call DNA is trained on millions of consumer-to-business phone calls, not on voicemails or consumer-to-consumer phone calls. Benchmarks show that transcription and keyword spotting are 20% more accurate than third-party vendor solutions.

Unlike other products that ship call recordings to third parties, Marchex retains all data in its secure data center and can redact credit card numbers from recorded phone calls before a transcript is generated.

00:00:01 AGENT:Thank you for calling MyCompany Travel. My name is Ann. How can I help you?
00:00:11 CALLER:I am interested in reserving a hotel room for October 4th.
00:00:15 AGENT:How many nights will you be staying with us?
00:00:19 CALLER:Just one night.
00:00:21 AGENT:One moment while I check that date…yes, we have rooms available on October 4th. Would you prefer a room with two double beds or a king size bed? Both rooms have a price of $299 for that night.
00:00:35 CALLER:The double room

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Easily spot important customer conversations

Keyword spotting improves customer experience and sales conversion rates because marketers can automatically identify calls that are missed sales opportunities from customer service challenges or frustrated customers. Marketers can also uncover actionable insights finding keywords or topics that drive sales.

Speaker Keyword or phrase Number of times spoken
AGENTcredit card3

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“Marchex CallDNA allows us to proactively monitor the calls coming into our campaigns to ensure that we are delivering the right quality of calls to our customers, not just volume.”

Joel Citron, Director Of Advertising Technologies. Ai Media Group

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