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Call Analytics

The leading analytics platform for advertising driven phone calls

Focus on real callers, not robo-dialers

Clean Call™ is our patented technology that identifies and blocks tens of millions of phone calls from telemarketers, auto-dialers and spam callers. It uses voice stream pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms to safeguard you from an extensive range of call spam types: fax, telecom tones, silence, music, noise, end recorded messages, all without relying on the caller ID, which can be spoofed. Apply Clean Call to your ad-driven phone calls to save time and focus efforts on real callers.

Lower your cost per acquisition by blocking spam calls

Stay current on the latest spam call blocking technology

Save call center costs incurred from answering unwanted calls

Get the calls that matter

Every phone number is susceptible to robocalls, toll-free numbers (TFNs) are becoming a recent target. More than 100 million artificially generated toll-free calls occurred already this year. By our estimates, this will cost businesses $1 billion in telephone charges and lost productivity answering phones with no one on the other end. In response to the ever-changing tactics of spammers, Clean Call is frequently updated and is a standard feature of the Marchex Call Analytics platform.

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