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Local Leads

Drive the best calls that lead to customers for local businesses

Generate the volume — and quality — of leads for your SMB customers that matter to them.

Traditional media companies face huge challenges in driving leads for small and medium sized business today. Whether it’s the inability to manage at scale, identify and mitigate fraudulent calls, or lack of insight from reports and analysis, most companies today aren’t equipped to handle the demand of the SMB marketplace. Not Marchex. With Marchex Local Leads you can:

Manage local number provisioning at scale

Maximize efficiency of media spend

Eliminate spam calls and focus on quality

Improve call and lead quality for local businesses

Features highlights

Performance Platforms

Efficient and scalable bidding and optimization platforms.

Marchex Clean Call

Patented technology to block spam calls.

Marchex Clean Call

Patented technology to block spam calls.

Performance Reports

Standard and customized call analytics data.

Dedicated Account Support

Account Director and Managers oversee Campaign Optimization.

Pay-per-Call Model

Customized qualification criteria.

Manage Local Numbers at Scale

Marchex has hyper local number provisioning capabilities at all tiers of area coverage and exhaustive built-in security.

Extensive Local Number Provisioning Capabilities:

  • Expansive Carrier relationships with over 15 providers / offering best in class number inventory
  • Hyper Local number provisioning capabilities at all tiers of area coverage (in both urban and rural areas)
  • Toll free number provisioning at all tiers of area coverage
  • Bulk Porting capabilities

Send only calls that result in a lead

Spam calls are a growing problem with digital advertising. Marchex Call Analytics Clean Call technology blocks spam phone calls!

Marchex Clean Call

  • This patented technology was launched in 2010.
  • Designed to block robocalls while letting quality calls through.
  • Filters and blocks tens of millions of unwanted phone calls from telemarketers, auto-dialers, accidental hangups, and spam callers.
  • In 2015 — became the first and only call analytics solution to block robocalls, even when the caller ID is “spoofed” or “faked.”

Using Clean Call, you can:

  • Lower your cost per acquisition — spam calls waste valuable time and drive up your cost per acquisition.
  • Stay current on the latest spam call blocking technology with automatic Clean Call updates.
  • Save call center costs — unwanted calls lead to lost productivity and telephony costs.

Increase Quantity — and Quality of the Leads you Send

Our world-class call quality technology ensures that all calls being forwarded to local businesses are from valid leads and meet a certain quality threshold.

Across Dozens of Industries...

These calls result in a majority product or service conversations.

Get started today!

Contact the Marchex team today to learn more about using Local Leads to drive the best calls that lead to customers for local businesses. Email us today.


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