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Our Difference

Global leaders choose Marchex for mobile analytics and performance

How we're different

Marchex delivers a 360-degree view of marketing effectiveness by connecting real-world, offline actions to digital and mobile behavior. It’s not simply our products that make us different – it’s the experience we have working with the world’s top brands and the depth with which we work with our clients.

True, 100% attribution

Only Marchex classifies the outcome of every inbound phone call and associates it with a specific online behavior or search term. There aren’t any exceptions or fine print. Our channel-specific solutions deliver this data into the tools marketers use to optimize digital marketing spend.

Enterprise-class scalability, reliability and built-in security

Only Marchex ensures marketers can safely and effectively attribute over-the-phone and in-store sales to mobile behavior.

Call DNA®

The only technology to measure consumer intent without call recording.

Clean Call™

The industry’s only solution to block spam calls from spoofed or faked Caller IDs.

Secure Call Analytics

The most secure platform for call analytics, including the automatic redaction of call recordings while the call is happening.

Full service onboarding and expertise

Our enterprise customers view Marchex as a strategic partner. Dedicated experts ensure your call analytics implementation is fully operational from initial onboarding to ongoing guidance and performance insights.

Partnership and Onboarding

Product experts that guide setup, configuration, initial training and integration support.

Client Engagement

Professional account executives that ensure Marchex is fully implemented and embraced in your organization.

Marchex Institute

Senior marketing analysts and data scientists who deliver customized reports, best practices and actionable insights.

“Our customers want to have multi-channel attribution, and DoubleClick allows us to have a central location for campaigns. Our integration with Marchex and DoubleClick shows us the impact of our advertising campaigns. Based on the needs to have multi-channel, DoubleClick allows us to have a central location for display campaigns.”

Jim Halligan, Director of Paid Search. Location3

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