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Speech Analytics

Gain Actionable Intelligence into Every Call and Convert More Callers into Customers

Marchex Speech Analytics enables marketers and sales operations teams to make sure agents, dealers and stores are handling calls successfully to drive the most revenue.

Marchex Speech Analytics quickly identifies conversations that end in a sale, reference a specific product or reveal missed sales opportunities. Marketers can tune ad campaigns towards high-converting media channels and uncover actionable insights that improve sales conversion rates.

Speech Analytics

Learn how Marchex Speech Analytics can help you convert more callers to customers by providing actionable intelligence from every call.

Understand What Happens on Calls

With Marchex Speech Analytics you can understand what happened on the call so you can quickly optimize to drive phone calls that convert into new customers.

Quickly find specific calls using filters available across every dashboard so that you can jump from analyzing dashboard metrics to the actual calls to listen in and go deeper.

Retarget Callers

Identify callers with a high intent to buy so that you can retarget them again and get them to come back to your site or give you a call.

Convert More Leads to Customers

Determine if sales scripts are being adhered to and this allows sales teams to ensure qualifying leads from marketing are closed successfully by ensuring agents are well trained, following scripts and that high performing reps can be identified and everyone else can copy their best practices.

With searchable transcripts you can understand how customers react to your promotions, brand, products and sales staff.

Powered by Call DNA®, Marchex Speech Analytics leverages our industry leading, in-house speech recognition, audio signal processing, and natural language processing technologies to accurately extract an array of actionable insights from every call.

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