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2 top industries that prove the ROI benefits of Marchex Call Marketplace

Marketing leaders are in the midst of proving ROI from their 2018 marketing campaigns in hopes of maintaining (and even expanding) their budgets in the New Year.

There’s no big secret to justifying your ad spend in 2018. Hitting your KPI’s and revenue targets. But marketers can only do so much with access to the channels that are within their media mix. Which makes it challenging to hit performance targets. When you are a marketer who cares about calls you need a high-performance ad network that can provide incremental call leads outside of the media mix you are already investing in.

Let’s dive into how two industry leaders found amazing ROI results for their business with an end-to-end high-performance ad network solution.

(Each case study is linked, so feel free to click through for a more in-depth read.)

Our customer was tasked to find a pay-per-call ad network solution that could drive qualified calls to their agents. To gain more high-intent inbound calls, the company employed Marchex Call Marketplace, a pay-per-call ad network solution that extends the reach of digital marketing programs.

The results:

  • Received new inbound calls with the highest intent to convert¹
  • 170% increase in new quotes

With results like that, clients can be confident that they’re earning amazing ROI —on the money they’re spending on Call Marketplace.

IHG, the world’s leading hotel company, is faced with an ongoing challenge of cost-effectively filling as many rooms as possible while competing with other lodging providers. To manage filling those rooms, IHG’s call center operation has agents prepared to convert inbound calls to bookings and manage inventory across hotel properties. This makes them an ideal candidate for Pay For Call (PFC) advertising. As a result of their Call Marketplace campaign, IHG sees an average conversion rate that is higher than the company sees with other media partners. 

The results: 

  • Achieved 39:1 return on spend  
  • Higher conversion rate of 12%  

While there may not be a magic bullet, one-size-fits-all solution for proving and improving ROI, these examples illustrate how partnering with a high-performance ad network, like Call Marketplace can make a serious difference.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits that Marchex can bring to your business, you can start right now: Begin your campaign, or request a personalized Marchex Call Marketplace demo. Learn more about Marchex Call Marketplace.

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¹ Results are from customer data covering a 6-month time frame in 2017.