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“Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color… of car?”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and in honor of Marchex’s favorite holiday, we’re continuing our annual celebration of “Answer the Phone like Buddy the Elf Day!” The 2003 movie “Elf” starring Will Ferrell as Buddy, scores a solid 83% on Rotten Tomatoes and is #25 on their “Best Christmas Movies list. Buddy is a human raised at the North Pole and seeks to find his real father in New York City during the Holiday Season. While Buddy excels at answering the phone and decorating in this lighthearted comedy, his social interactions are a bit awkward.


Last year we wrote about how the holiday season brings more phone calls to your business especially with Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday and the clear correlation between being polite on the phone and the outcome of that specific phone call. This year, we’re going to focus on how to turn those callers into customers.

Forrester research has found that callers are the best customers—they buy faster, spend more and remain loyal longer than customers acquired from other channels. Not winning these customers in the crucial Moment of Truth can be costly for your business. The Moment of Truth is that 120-second interaction between a caller and your agent over the phone. So, you should ask yourself, “Am I winning the Moment of Truth by optimizing my inbound calls?” You can take this quiz to find out.

Through Marchex speech technology, Conversation Analytics can shed light on customer sentiment, lost opportunities, and agent performance. Insights are delivered out of the box in easy to use dashboards providing your business with immediate value. See our Moment of Truth Webinar for more information.

We analyzed just over 4 million phone calls over the last 30 days from 3 major automobile manufacturers to see how often some of these famous terms from the movie “Elf” were mentioned calls using Marchex Conversation Analytics. Conversations about the color of the vehicle took place on 4% (approximately 160,000) of calls and conversations about Christmas took place on 3.13% (approximately 106,000) of calls. It seems that Buddy the Elf may be answering phone calls more often than we initially thought because the term “buddy” appeared in 2.37% (approximately 111,000) of calls. So, for automotive dealerships, it might be a fun exercise to cheerfully answer the phone with “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color… of car?” during the Holiday Season.


Make sure to see last year’s version for more tips about answering the phone.