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3 quick things you can do to optimize sales and marketing

With the rising expectations of today’s modern marketer, it has never been more important to align yourself with teams across your organization. Today’s sales and marketing teams must be in sync; the goals of one team are the goals of the other. And there’s no better way to make sure that your goals are in step than by focusing on your inbound call customers.

Optimize marketing campaigns

Data from phone calls can help marketers understand keywords attributed to their digital marketing spend. By knowing which keyword drove a call, you’re able to better optimize ad placement and messaging to target prospects who are more likely to buy. Your marketing budget becomes more targeted and your sales team is answering more calls which lead to sales.

Understand the potential of voice search

Voice searches on both mobile and home-based calls are on the rise. And the way customers search with voice is different than the way they utilize search with text. Marketers need to consider the questions their customers are asking over the phone with the use of speech analytics technology in order to best understand how to shape their content strategy to enable discover on intelligent agents.

Shape business strategy

With 30 billion calls placed from consumers to businesses from mobile search in 2013, and an expected 73 billion more by 2018, more calls than ever are happening every day. Customers seek out simple human interaction to help them make decisions, complicated or large purchases, or just to ask questions which build their loyalty. By honing in on the phone calls, both marketing and sales can better understand the customers who matter most.

In a post-digital world, more and more of your customers are turning back to the phones in their pockets to complete their buying journey. Customers who call convert faster, buy more and churn less. By teaming up sales and marketing, you can get a better understanding of who these customers are, how they think about your brand, and how best to reach them and keep them happy. It’s time to pick up the phone, your best customers are calling.