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3 steps to optimizing inbound calls for education companies

One of the top challenges facing education companies today is how to make the most of inbound leads. Tutoring centers, online degree programs and career training organizations rely on a steady stream of phone calls to find new clients. Ensuring that these calls have the best possible outcome is important in driving revenue. So, what steps can your education business take to optimize call results?

Learn what happens on each call

First, you need to know what’s going when a potential student calls your business. Is the caller receiving a warm greeting? Is the representative knowledgeable and able to answer questions? And, is the caller offered your latest promotion or is the rep clearly presenting the value of your services? Knowing what happens on the call is the first step to optimizing the outcome.

Optimize agent scripts for high performance

Next, learn key words and phrases that indicate a caller is likely to convert to a client. With AI-powered technology, gain insights into what key words and phrases are linked to high-performing calls. Then, add these phrases and keywords to your agent call script. When you understand your customer’s reason for calling and address it proactively, you increase your chance of converting callers to clients.

Track agent adherence to scripts

Finally, measure your call agents’ performance in sticking to the script. Once you’ve optimized your script using available data, achieve the best chance of success by ensuring your agents follow it. In addition to measuring the caller conversation, Marchex technology can measure agent communication as well. Use insights from this data to help improve agent or location performance.

One Marchex customer with hundreds of locations tracked agent scripts to support maximum ROI across the business. They had an optimized script they wanted agents to use. By measuring agent performance across the scripts, the company could take steps to provide training to locations or agents in order to improve sales performance.

Marchex technology goes beyond counting and directing inbound phone calls. As a leader in call analytics, Marchex offers advanced solutions that let you monitor every call, learn from it, and use this information to optimize the customer journey.

To learn how your business can optimize inbound phone calls, see our education one-sheet.