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3 things you should know about Speech Analytics

These days, you can track almost anything when it comes to digital marketing.

Insights from robust data help you make better decisions. And, advanced technology is making the collection of data easier than ever. The result is a greater understanding of your customers and campaigns.

Unfortunately, there’s still a bit of a gap when bridging online data to offline consumer behavior , such as a call. Our research shows that many brands struggle with getting access to the right data, and understanding the resulting offline actions (phone calls).

Enter unique technologies like Call DNA® and Marchex Speech Analytics.

These tools empower marketing and sales teams via advanced speech recognition and natural language processing to help understand what’s happening on phone calls. This allows you to:

  • identify and address issues with operations or processes
  • analyze and understand customer behavior
  • adjust or optimize your campaigns at multiple touchpoints.

Here are just a few of the ways speech analytics technology is already helping our customers improve their campaigns:

Identify and Analyze High Intent Callers

Using a customized dashboard and filters, speech analytics can help you identify callers that are hot leads based on customizable rules and patterns. Discover which campaigns are driving high-intent leads, so you can consider putting more budget behind them.

Or, optimize further down the sales funnel by looking at when and where high intent leads are calling. Then, you can make sure your call centers and stores are prepared in terms of staffing and other operations.

Retarget Lost Opportunities

Analyzing calls that didn’t convert is just as important as analyzing the ones that do. Through a lost opportunities dashboard, you can look at lost leads to identify bottlenecks or problems with the call process.

But, you don’t just let those lost opportunities go. By identifying them and tying them to a specific source, you can also retarget those callers back in the online world, perhaps with an additional offer.

Search Transcripts to Understand Buyers

Finally, speech analytics can provide secure transcriptions in real time so you can analyze calls beyond summary dashboards and graphs.

Fully searchable transcripts let you uncover caller reactions and responses to specific scripts, offers, and conversation points. Set up dashboards based on script behavior to uncover patterns, sentiment, and other behavior-based metrics.

Speech analytics technology can help you get deeper, more detailed information about your callers and sales. Use it to better understand your buyers and optimize your digital campaigns accordingly.

To learn how speech analytics can help you convert more callers into customers, download our ebook: Converting a Caller into a Customer.