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3 ways exporting speech analytics data can help your business  

Speech analytics have become a significant business tool and many mid-size and enterprise businesses rely on the insights offered right out the box. These can shed light on challenges ranging from sales staff performance to discovering why customers aren’t opting into a certain promotion. Sometimes though, a business may want a report that a speech analytics provider doesn’t offer natively within its dashboards. For example, a marketer may want to see if a correlation exists between average call duration and calls escalated to a supervisor. Custom reports such as this require easy access to the raw call data. Many speech analytics tools keep this data in closed databases with clunky or slow interfaces, making it very hard for customers to access their own data for custom analysis.

Data export makes it easy to work with raw data.

With data export, you can export your call data to a CSV file, giving you the power to splice it however you want to get the insight you need. Below are 3 ways organizations can use exported conversation data:

Integrate with other technologies

We live in the era of “the liberation of data” that’s based on the ability to easily copy, store and send information across networks. Conversation recordings are no different. Organizations are exporting call recording data to easily quantify and segment specific calls for various reasons. For example, call data can be integrated with your CRM system to clearly understand the nature of conversations within a specific account.

Build models for advanced analytics

When out-of-the-box metrics aren’t sufficient, organizations may want the autonomy to manipulate and apply conversation data in a more advanced analytics model. For example, a company may want to use the data to build a standardized sales performance dashboard they can use to train sales staff.

Archiving and discovery

Data management is now a strategic priority for many enterprise organizations. Success depends on developing and maintaining processes that ensure mission-critical data stays safe, secure and easy to work with. Data export can play a key role here. For example, it provides raw data for building processes for easy migration into off-line storage. Also, it simplifies the ability to perform additional analysis on call recordings as needed.

Marchex Speech Analytics gives users the ability to export data to a CSV file. To learn more about how to convert more callers into customers using intelligence from every call, visit our Speech Analytics page.