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Advanced Transcription Search: 3 ways franchises can use call transcripts to scale

Organizations that rely on phone calls for revenue know certain words and phrases “bring in the dollars” more than others. When it comes to selling products and services over the phone, all words aren’t created equal. Does your business know which words convert prospects to customers? Or which phrases get positive reactions and lead customers to provide details about their needs? Identifying these words and phrases can make or break a deal.

This notion is very important for franchises. Successful franchisors make money by enabling their franchisees with effective sales tools that maintain strong brand images. A key tool is an analytic technology that can surface keywords and phrases that assess customer intent, create cross-sell/upsell opportunities and drive first-call resolution via sales scripts that:

  • serve as guidelines for moving customers through unique stages of the franchisor’s sales process
  • ensure agents speak consistently in the franchisor’s brand voice
  • help agents understand ahead of time why customers fitting the franchisor’s profile are calling

For example, in most cases, we know the word “appointment” is a good sales indicator. It usually means a prospect or customer will visit store location to learn more about a product or service. Marchex Speech Analytics offers transcription search capabilities that provide insights franchisors can use to build scripts that effectively enable agents at all locations. You can search for any word throughout all your calls, then quickly get actionable metrics and trend data corresponding to those words. With this information, franchisors can arm their franchisees with scripts that indicate not only the customers’ intentions, but also set the stage to win the deal and delight in ways that make them brand advocates.

Marchex Speech Analytics provides actionable intelligence from inside every call so you can convert more callers into customers. To learn more, visit our Speech Analytics page.