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Are you focused on your customers? Here’s why you should be

Customer focus is a methodology that gets tossed around in plenty of marketing circles. Many add it to the list of duties they should be focused on: focused on data, focused on optimization, focused on content. And with all the focus on focus, it’s easy to chalk up customer focus as just another item on the list.

The reality is, more and more organizations are prioritizing marketing objectives that ultimately deliver value to customers. To truly rise to the occasion, to meet the ever-rising demand of the modern marketer, you must be focused on your customers – you need to understand their journey, anticipate their needs and, ultimately, deliver exactly what they’re looking for when and where they want it.

Over 200 marketing professionals from the United States were surveyed in a recently commissioned study from Forrester Consulting. Not only did the results of this study demonstrate the importance of inbound phone calls in the customer journey, it also gave us some surprising insights into how marketers think about their customers.

Winning and retaining customers are top priorities

Customer loyalty is a high or critical priority for 80% of marketers, alongside the traditional acquisition and retention priorities. Long-term engagement and maximizing relationships are even prioritized more than increasing engagement rates.

Customer Loyalty Figure 1

A majority of marketers are challenged to achieve their goals

Winning and retaining customers are still highly challenging for over half the marketers in this customer-empowered landscape, considering that 61% are challenged in increasing engagement and 60% are challenged in maximizing relationships

Customer Loyalty Figure 2

The key here is optimization. When it comes to acquiring new customers, you can throw a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks, but keeping a current customer happy is where the money really is. By focusing on your current customers, you not only have the opportunity to build a long-term relationship, but you gain a deeper understanding of what makes them tick, and what makes them stay.

Focus is only valuable if it leads to understanding. Understanding allows you to replicate success. And replicating success gives you the edge in today’s marketing landscape.

To gain more insights from the Forrester Consulting research, download the eBook: Pick Up The Phone: Your Best Customer Is On The Line.