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Auto Services industry trends and how businesses can capitalize on them

Auto services is a growing market, and the used car market is projected to achieve record sales in 2019 and beyond. People are keeping their cars longer or turning to the used market for the first time in years. For aftermarket retailers and service providers, this is encouraging news. But, a recent Auto Services Industry report by the Marchex Institute shows that these businesses could be doing even better. In fact, many are missing revenue opportunities–as much as 30 percent–due to how they handle inbound sales calls.

The Marchex Institute examined conversation data from 8.7 million consumer calls across eleven auto services brands. Through this, we found:

54 percent of calls to a store are from customers calling to schedule an appointment or to buy a product! This represents huge revenue implications; more than half of calls to auto services are consumers ready to take the next step in the customer journey. One point of concern:  These same consumers move on quickly and without regret. Findings show 68 percent of callers who do not reach a business on their first attempt do not call back.

Even worse is that 13 percent of calls to auto services companies fail to connect. That’s right – while most calls to auto services dealers are high-intent consumers with buying intentions, a significant portion of those calls never even reach your business. Either they give up in the connection process or the business never answers the phone. But what happens if these calls do go through?

17 percent of connected calls to auto services brands succeed but result in a missed opportunity meaning there was clear consumer intent, but no appointment set, part ordered or sale made.

Poor call handling appears to be a big deal in auto services. In fact, our hypothetical model auto supply franchise ACME showed that a brand with 550 locations could stand to lose as much as $59 million per year due to poor call handling.

Improving call handling may be the key for many auto services business to optimize their revenue opportunities. To learn more details of the findings and steps you can take to improve the customer experience and conversions, download the Marchex 2019 Auto Services Industry Report.