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Call Handling for Businesses with Multiple Locations 

Let’s say you’re a multi-location business with locations from Tuscaloosa to Tempe and can’t figure out why a few locations are exceeding sales expectations while others struggle with similar call volume. What is happening on these phone calls that is preventing the caller from turning into a customer? Whether you’re in automotive, insurance, healthcare, or another industry, phone calls matter.  

If you’re noticing a discrepancy between locations with similar volume of inbound phone calls, here are some questions to ask: 

How are your stores handling calls? 

If a store recognizes calls as valuable leads, chances are they are making it a priority to answer calls. More specifically, answering promptly and providing good service. However, many stores are unaware of how valuable calls are and don’t staff appropriately for busy times. In addition, employees answering the phone have other business in progress so providing excellent phone service may not be top of mind. Training employees to value phone leads can improve call-handling and impact business results. Using a script can help employees or call center agents cover key messages or gather key information you want to learn from your callers.   

Are your customer service agents following a script? 

Following a script helps develop brand consistency across locationsMeasuring how well agents or employees follow a script can highlight training opportunities and provide other learnings. If listening to samples of calls isn’t providing enough insights to implement performance adjustments across the business, the Marchex Agent Script Tracking dashboard can measure the performance of regional areas, specific stores or even individual agents. Once you implement a script tracking program, you can use the Agent Script Tracking dashboard to look back over a customizable period of time to monitor improvement. For a business with multiple locations, the lowest performers are often the quickest to show improvement. To see how Agent Scrip[t Tracking impacted a 1,000-location brand, download Agent Script Tracking Success Story.  

Are you winning in the Moment of Truth—when the customer is on the line? 

Congrats! Your marketing is working and phone calls to your business are booming! The question now is: did these callers convert into customers? 

At Marchex, we call the initial 120-second interaction between a caller and a customer service agent the Moment of Truth. This interaction is where your business will typically win or lose the deal.  

To learn whether you’re converting callers to customers and, even more importantly, why you won or didn’t, you need to know what happened on the phone calls. While you may track wins and losses in your CRM program, much of those records have to be completed manually. This relies on the salesperson or agent to provide notes as to why the caller did or did not become a customer. This can be challenging during busy times. If you really want to dig into what happened on a phone call, Marchex can help.  With AI-powered conversation analytics, you can learn: 

  • Which calls were handled well and why they worked 
  • Why some calls fail to convert
  • Whether your agents stick to scripts 
  • Which keywords indicate a high intent to purchase 
  • Which of your marketing promotions are working 

To learn more about providing a consistent brand experience, download our multi-location one-pager.