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Click-to-call key in driving increased phone volume to businesses

The effects of e-commerce and how it has changed the way consumers shop can’t be overstated. It wasn’t that long ago when pundits declared phone calls dead as digital shopping carts drove their way into the path to purchase.

That changed, however, with the advent of mobile phones and digital ads that offer a phone number to take action. Click-to-call ads and call extensions drive increasingly more traffic to businesses due to their convenience. Humans, in general, take the course of least resistance when making decisions, and it doesn’t get much easier than pressing a link on your mobile phone when you want to connect with a business.

Calls aren’t going away—in fact, volume is growing. BIA/Kelsey projects 169 billion mobile calls to businesses by 2020.

A recent article by Laura Forer of MarketingProfs points out that many marketers may be overlooking one of the highest-performing channels: the phone.

Click-to-Call: Why the Phone Call Is Back in Business Infographic

Forer also shares an infographic from M2 On Hold that explains how marketers can use click-to-call technology to improve customer experience and increase revenue.

Check out the article and infographic, Click-to-Call: Why the Phone Call is Back in Business, for tips on using click-to-call ads as part of your marketing strategy.