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How to connect customer data across marketing channels

Knowing your customer is a pillar in marketing strategy. But a new CMO survey found that 85% of marketers are having trouble joining their online and offline customer data to get a complete picture of their target audience. Even as technology tools proliferate, only 16% of the CMOs in the survey can accurately identify customers across multiple devices online.

These findings match up closely with a 2016 report that showed 75 percent of marketers believe a single view of customer activity is essential, but only 12% of companies actually have one. And only 5 percent can tie offline sales to online marketing. Clearly, a gap exists. At Marchex, we call this the online-to-offline blind spot.

Online to offline

Customers interact with your brand across a variety of channels. They might find you through email campaigns or social media sites. Or, they may interact offline via store visits or phone calls. Getting a holistic look at the data from across all channels is key to understanding your customer. So, connecting online data to offline actions should be a priority.

Using Call Analytics

Enterprises can use call analytics to get a complete view of their inbound marketing. If your business relies on phone calls to turn a prospect into a customer, you know it’s important to connect the media you buy with your customer’s response. Knowing which channels are working can optimize bidding strategies, deliver campaign ROI, and maximize your marketing performance.

Curating data across channels

Tools are available to help you gain insights about your prospects online. Combining this digital data with call analytics can provide a 360-degree view of your customer’s path to purchase. In short, knowing how your customers find you can provide opportunities to optimize their experience.

You can also increase your marketing ROI. By having a more complete view of the customer journey, you can optimize your media spend. To learn more about using data from multiple channels to improve your marketing, download our e-Book The Offline Blind Spot and the Modern Marketer.