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Three ways travel & hospitality businesses can create premium buyer journeys

Travel and hospitality businesses are constantly searching for better ways to increase bookings while reducing cost of acquisition. Additionally, they need to differentiate their products and services in a crowded, competitive industry. Successful advertising means more leads at lower costs. A campaign that misses the target audience means losing out to the competition. So, it’s essential to create premium buyer journeys for prospects searching for your products.

Learn how to create first class customer journeys that drive reservations and improve your return on advertising spend. Here are three strategies that can help your company optimize campaigns.

Optimize inbound calls

The first step is to find out in real time if your campaigns are driving bookings at the most efficient cost. Because phone calls are a critical channel in travel, your company must understand what’s making your phone ring. Understanding why people call can help you make the phone ring more often. Tap into call data to identify keywords that drive conversions. Then, optimize marketing campaigns to drive more of the same kind of calls.

Reduce acquisition costs

Next, make sure your call extensions and click-to-call ads are delivering the most qualified calls to your sales center. Learn which media channels and keywords are driving bookings. Then, optimize those channels in seamless in your bid management platform.

Deliver optimal customer experiences

Finally, learn what your customers are saying and how your agents respond. Understanding what happens on a call lets you detect high-intent words or phrases that indicate a conversion. Then you can optimize call scripts with these high-intent words to help your agents better connect with callers. Training agents to follow optimized scripts can also help increase bookings.


In our latest eBook, we dive deeper into these three strategies to share how consumer travel and hospitality businesses can bridge the gap between phone calls and digital actions.  Learn how your business can close more bookings with lower acquisition costs, and deliver premium customer experiences across every interaction.

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