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The Decline of Organic Facebook Reach: How to Outsmart the Algorithm

If you’ve been managing a Facebook Page over the past few years, you’ve likely noticed a drop in how many of your fans have been viewing and interacting with your organic posts. A recent post from Adgo shows the expected organic reach of Facebook posts on Facebook Pages. In early 2016, organic posts were expected to reach less than 2% of their audience.


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Organic reach on Facebook is about to get even worse after they recently announced another significant change to their News Feed algorithm, effectively prioritizing posts from friends and family over public content.

Here are a couple quick tips to help your business overcome these changes and ensure you stay relevant on Facebook.


Focus on engagement

The first step is to increase reach by improving the level of engagement, and the key is offering great content. Content provides users with obvious value right off the bat and has a headline that draws them in. Now that Facebook is limiting posts from brands and publishers, even more, you need to work harder than ever to make a positive impression and get users engaged.

One popular strategy for improving engagement is to leverage Facebook Live. Live videos are an effective and budget-friendly way to connect your target audience with your best content. If you haven’t considered how Facebook Live can help your business, now may be a great time to get started.


When you do “pay to play,” target more customers like your best customers.

Yes, declining organic reach is making it harder than ever to reach your target audiences. However, these recent changes are an opportunity for marketers to focus on innovative new ways to target more of the right people. Simply put, better targeting on Facebook equals better marketing effectiveness. With Facebook recently making real-time insights from call data available, marketers can now dramatically improve the ROI of their paid Facebook campaigns.

Now it’s up to you, with organic reach not improving anytime soon, marketers need to amp up their strategy on Facebook — and we believe using insights from phone calls to build better campaigns on Facebook can help you do just that.

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