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Driving calls via digital marketing? Learn how to track beyond the click.

Join us for a 30-minute live overview of Marchex solutions and see for yourself how to get the most out of the calls driven to your business.

Multi- or omnichannel marketers can be challenged when a prospect leaves the digital world via the phone or a store visit. Click-to-call ad types drive call volume, but also create a blind spot for marketers when it comes to attributing their marketing spend.

Aly Ausen, Commercial Business Development at Marchex, will share results from Marchex customers, so you can learn firsthand how Marchex connects online-to-offline data to provide insights on what drives a customer to convert.

Webinar topics:

  • Learn how call data is an untapped competitive asset and how to complete your view of the customer journey with call analytics.
  • Hear success stories of companies that used phone calls to create marketable audiences and increase ROI.
  • Understand the Marchex POV on how we securely harvest and deliver this data to business-level decision makers.

To learn how you can leverage conversation analytics to tie marketing efforts to offline actions, register for our 30-minute live webinar: Turning Conversations into Conversions.