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Federal court ruling means robocalls may increase

A federal court recently struck down an FCC ruling, including certain restrictions on auto-dialers, meaning robocalls may increase. The FCC definition of auto-dialers was deemed too broad and the court took steps to significantly narrow it. This reduces the likelihood that bad actors will face consequences.

Robocalls costs businesses billions

While unwanted calls are an annoyance to consumers, they also represent a significant cost to businesses.

Dealing with inbound robocalls adds substantial costs for businesses – upwards of billions of dollars each year. Calls from telemarketers, auto-dialers, pre-recorded political messages and more can decrease agent productivity and drive up costs. Besides wasting agent time, legitimate callers may have a tougher time getting through and hang up before ever reaching your business. This lost opportunity cost adds to the hard costs of dealing with spam calls.

The best way to stop unwanted calls is to block them from ever reaching your agents in the first place.

Deploy business-grade spam blocking technology

If you rely on phone calls to do business, it’s important to maintain the quality in your inbound call stream. To do this, you need a solution that can detect, filter and block unwanted calls.

As a call analytics provider, Marchex has been fighting call spam for years. As technology and robocalling methods have evolved, Marchex Clean Call® has evolved to keep pace. Clean Call is the built-in call spam blocking technology in Marchex Call Analytics. Our state-of-the-art call spam solution is three technologies in one:

  • A spam detector
  • A spam filter
  • A spam blocker

Our Call DNA® technology can detect anomalies in audio signatures, many of which indicate potential call spam. Marchex filters detect a variety of spam call types, so most unwanted calls are blocked. As new types of call spam are encountered, Marchex quickly creates a filter to stop these from reaching you. For the vast majority of calls, Marchex can detect and identify spam within seconds and block these calls before they ever reach your business.

To learn how Marchex can help your business block unwanted calls, control costs and maintain agent productivity levels, download our one-sheet on Marchex Clean Call technology.