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Find more students with the budget you have


If you’re a marketer at an educational organization—an online university, tutoring center or career training company—you’re acutely aware that you need your marketing spend to perform as efficiently as possible to attract and convert prospective students.

And as an education marketer, you’re also aware that attracting and converting prospective students is achieved at a high marketing cost. Unfortunately, you can’t simply ask for more marketing funds—you must be able to find more students with the budget you already have.

The good news is that this is totally doable. How? By adding a solution to your marketing mix that offers you deep insights into your marketing campaigns’ performance. Armed with these insights—which keywords, campaigns, or channels are leading parents or students to pick up the phone—you’re prepared to optimize your campaigns to increase marketing ROI and reduce the cost of acquisition.

Understand why prospective students are calling

While researching educational options, prospective students’ journey often includes a phone call, whether to request more information or to commit and enroll. Optimizing inbound phone calls can help education companies get more calls from potential students—and understand why they called in the first place.

Marchex solutions surface the source of the call, down to the channel, campaign or even keyword. What message are prospective students responding to? What keywords do they use to signal interest? Are calls being answered and handled the way they should?

With these insights, you’re empowered to accomplish several things. First, you can optimize your marketing spend by identifying the messages and channels that drive prospective students to action. Second, you can optimize the customer experience by identifying and fixing gaps in service. The result is increased enrollments and reduced cost of acquisition.

One Marchex customer with over 1,000 locations wanted to increase their digital marketing spend. But first, they had to fix their lack of insight into which marketing keywords were driving prospects to convert. This insight would help them to properly optimize their bidding strategy and budget around the complete customer journey.

After partnering with Marchex, they had full data transparency, which led to a 50% return on ad spend by means of attributing keywords to successful calls and adjusting their strategies.

Earn an A in marketing efficiency

If you aren’t leveraging insights available in your call data, you may be impacting your enrollments—and your bottom line. To learn how Marchex is helping education companies identify meaningful opportunities to increase enrollments, improve the customer experience, and reduce the cost of acquisition, visit the education page of our website.