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Guess what? It pays to be polite.

You likely remember as a youngster being instructed to be polite. You may have been nudged to use your manners when you were given a gift or paid a compliment. It may seem politeness goes without saying. But in business, especially on the phone, being polite actually makes dollars and cents.

In a new study from The Marchex Institute, we’ve discovered that simple acts of politeness are good for business. Saying “please” and “thank you” on phone calls correlates to increased revenue.

For the study, The Marchex Institute researched over one million anonymized calls from consumers to businesses over the course of a month. Using Marchex Speech Analytics, our researchers studied calls in several industries including automotive, cable and satellite, telecom, home services, hospitality services, moving services and insurance.

Key findings

Here are a few of our favorite findings from the study?

  • Consumers increase their chances of getting a deal or discount by almost 50% just by being polite to the agent.
  • Callers are far more polite to agents than the reverse. While 79% of callers are polite, only 57% of agents show the same courtesy.
  • When agents were polite to callers, the average call was more than three minutes longer than calls where agents used rude or disparaging terms. Longer calls provide more time for agents to close a sale.

The numbers speak for themselves. Politeness on the phone opens the door to better deals, increased engagements and more conversions. For more insights, download our report: Politeness Pays.