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Happy December 18th; or Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day

If you’re not familiar with the 2003 movie Elf starring Will Ferrell as Buddy, an elf who finds himself in New York City during the holidays, we recommend you add the lighthearted comedy to your holiday viewing schedule. While Buddy may not know a lot about life outside the North Pole, he does have some insights on handling inbound phone calls.

There’s no question that the holiday season drives more sales than any other time of the year. With Black Friday’s doorbusters followed by massive sales on Cyber Monday, the holidays are stacked with opportunities for businesses to increase revenue. As online transactions increase this season, don’t neglect a key channel to connect with your customers–the phone. Calls help drive sales, especially in industries offering big-ticket items or premium services.

“Justin the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

Phone calls are a crucial part of doing business, so it’s no surprise there’s a clear correlation between being polite on the phone and the outcome of that specific phone call. While Buddy has work to do at ascertaining caller needs, he does understand the importance of a quick response.

The Marchex Institute saw a 16 percent average increase in inbound calls by on Cyber Monday in 2016. Unfortunately, there was also an increase of abandoned calls by an average of 11 percent. This suggests that companies did not adequately staff call centers with experienced elves, resulting in a lost opportunity for businesses to increase their sales.

Call handling tips for high volume times

  • Make sure your business has enough cheery and experienced elves to handle the surge of callers during the holidays.
  • Remember, your best customers call, so make sure your representatives are prepared to respond to customer requests.
  • Be polite during this busy time of the year.

And if you want to participate in today’s holiday, just answer the phone like this: “(Your name) the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” You can also post to social media using #AnswerThePhoneLikeBuddyTheElfDay. Happy December 18th!