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Discover 3 Strategies That Harness the Power of Conversational Analytics: Join our Webinar

Conversational Analytics may be an unfamiliar term, but it simply refers to the actionable data you receive from conversations that happen over the phone or via text or chat.

Conversational Analytics can be used to optimize marketing initiatives and to fill in gaps in attribution. They can also be used to better understand the customer journey, prospect intent, and agent performance. Text, specifically, can be deployed as a complementary channel for consumers who prefer this way of communicating and can have several advantages over email and calls in some applications.

Join the Marchex Product Marketing Team to learn strategies with Conversational Analytics that solve these modern challenges and take advantage of consumer trends.

You will learn how you can tighten your marketing and sales funnel by making more informed marketing decisions, providing highly-relevant service to prospects, and implementing channels with higher response rates. Learn how to use Conversational Analytics to:

  • Identify your most effective marketing mix
  • Improve your inbound sales call operations
  • Accelerate communication and close deals faster

If you are interested in tips that will help you optimize your business in a multi-channel world, register for our webinar: 3 Ways Conversational Analytics Can Help Position Your Business for Success.