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Here’s how to turn phone and text leads into customers

Businesses rely on their marketing departments to drive inbound leads for their sales teams to convert. Yet, marketers are also responsible for the performance of their campaigns and that means they need data. To measure the success of your inbound calls from digital media or texts (you’re using text in your marketing, right?), you need Call or Conversation Analytics. Here’s why:

  • Google Analytics and other programs don’t tell you what happened after a searcher clicked to call the ad or the call extension
  • This data comes from call tracking which you can collect by using call tracking numbers
  • From there, you can seamlessly integrate your data into your Google Analytics platform to understand which keywords or ads drove conversions
  • With this information, you can adjust your campaign to optimize your budget

If you want to learn how to put this strategy in practice to optimize your inbound lead flow for best results, we’ve got you covered.

Join our upcoming webinar to discover how Conversation Analytics helps you:

In this webinar, we cover how to get the missing attribution from digital tactics that drive phone calls or texts. Then, we share how that information can be used to maximize your marketing campaigns. Next, these adjustments help you gain more high-quality leads with the same budget you were already spending. And, you can show how your marketing efforts perform since the data is directly integrated into tools you are already using.

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