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How are you using speech analytics?

Today’s software administrators need to know how people are using their organization’s technology tools. That information allows them to measure the software’s impact on the business. Speech analytics technology is no different, making the ability to track user actions very important.

Usage tracking gives administrators the ability to go deep regarding the actual impact speech analytics technology is having on business operations. They’ll understand which dashboards and reports are being used most, by whom, when, and for what purpose. With these insights, they can do two things: pinpoint any usability issues and start solving them immediately, and formulate strategies that drive greater user adoption. To help get there, some key questions they should consider are:

  • What dashboards and features are people using most?
  • Are users barely spending time on dashboards and reports deemed “business-critical”?
  • Are people exiting out of the tool entirely from a certain dashboard?
  • Are they getting stuck in loops, i.e. going back and forth between various dashboards?

Answering these questions is just a start. Administrators must act on them. It takes a lot of work but it’s worth it. Why? Because making the experience easy for the user always is. Therefore, it’s become essential for administrators to keep asking themselves, “How can I make my users’ lives easier?”

Marchex Speech Analytics now supports usage tracking. Usage tracking provides insights into how staff, locations and other internal users are using the solution, all the way down to the specific feature. It helps foster broader creation and adoption of KPIs. To learn more, visit our Speech Analytics page.