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How Call Analytics solve today’s marketing challenges

We may live in a digital world, but calls aren’t going away. In fact, volume is growing. BIA/Kelsey projects 169 billion mobile calls to businesses by 2020. If you’re in an industry that relies heavily on inbound phone calls, measuring what happens on these calls plays a critical role in optimizing outcomes.

Wondering what you can learn from call analytics that you can’t get from digital metrics? As it turns out, a lot. Call Analytics can be as simple as tracking the number of calls to a specific number or as advanced as automated, real-time call transcription that lifts up key insights and produces searchable transcripts for further in-depth analysis. For a marketer, data from calls can provide insights other metrics can’t.

Gain marketing attribution

Call Analytics has come a long way since the first call tracking application launched, but counting calls is how it all began. Using specific phone numbers on printed materials, websites, or digital ads helps you learn which marketing channel is performing. Then, you can optimize your budget for high-performing channels. Also, when a call is routed through an interactive voice response (IVR) system, you can gain other insights, such as whether the call is from a new prospect or existing customer.

Improve sales performance

Besides knowing how many calls you receive and from where, you may want to understand what happened on a call.  With this data, you can optimize your call handling processes, agent scripts, and your representatives’ performance. AI-powered speech analytics technology can measure what happens on calls so you can optimize your internal processes.

Optimize media spend

We know that call analytics along with digital metrics can tell us when our call extension ads are clicked. But, you can also learn what keyword or phrase drove a prospect to click to call. You can even integrate this information into your bid management platform to be able to continuously enhance media performance in real-time. Even more, you can gain additional insights that allow you to retarget prospects on social media.

Drive more calls

Call Analytics can help you optimize several aspects of the path to purchase to help you convert customers from the calls you receive. But Call Analytics providers can also help drive more call volume to your business if they also operate a call marketplace that leverages the power of a robust call analytics platform with a network of rigorously vetted media publishers.

To learn more about marketing solutions for businesses that rely on phone calls, download: How Call Analytics can solve today’s marketing challenges.