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How Conversational Analytics can help turn leads into customers

Conversational Analytics, traditionally the realm of marketers, can also be a great tool for the sales team. Think about it; what do sales teams need? They need to know which leads should be prioritized based on the highest intent to purchase. Sales managers need to measure performance on the phone at scale across multiple agents and locations.

Prioritize leads

Understanding why prospects call is key to converting them to customers. Conversational Analytics can help you learn why people are calling in, and how to recognize callers with high intent to purchase. In addition, you can cycle this information back to your marketing team so they can build audiences with the same characteristics.

Measure performance

Knowing how your team performs can help you leverage best practices and highlight training opportunities for improvement.

Conversational Analytics can help you uncover things such as which employees are handling calls well and which could use some additional training. In fact, analytics applications often allow you to set your own parameters for a rating a phone call. Once you decide what to measure, a scorecard rates every inbound phone call, so you get the complete picture. If you oversee multiple locations, you can get a view of performance across your area or enterprise.

Conversational Analytics can provide information that Sales and Service teams can use to best serve potential customers. Learn more in our eBook: How to Turn Conversations into Sales.