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How much money are you throwing away by mishandling inbound phone calls?

Sales calls are the lifeblood of many industries. Significant budget is spent attempting to get a prospect to call you. However, it’s surprising how little budget is spent to learn how to convert these inbound callers. Revenue may be slipping through your fingers just because of how your team answers the phone. 

Would it surprise you to know (or do you even know) how much potential revenue is being “thrown away” by not handling these calls properly?  

If you could make just a small change in how you handled inbound calls that could dramatically change your revenues – would you want to know?  

Would you also want to know how to make every inbound call a sales training lesson for your team?  

Would you be interested to learn how to stop paying for the same mistakes over and over? 

Or are you intrigued by increasing your revenue opportunities with the same call volumes you already receive just by handling sales calls more effectively?  

If you want the answers to these questions, check out our on-demand webinar, How Businesses Can Boost Revenue from Inbound Phone Calls, where our guest Bryan Del Monte, President and Founder of The Aviation Agency and Sterling Weiss from Marchex share their strategies for optimizing revenue from streams of inbound sales calls. Learn a proven method to capture this missed revenue by handling inbound calls effectively through technology, analytics, and training. This method has been used successfully in several industries to increase revenues, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce acquisition costs.  

In this webinar, we will share ways to improve: 

  • Quantity: Learn how to connect with more of the inbound callers to your organization, increasing your chances for sales 
  • Quality: Discover caller intent so you can best serve potential customers 
  • Conversation: Guide more callers to become customers with research-backed tips 

A Q&A session follows, providing insights you can use right away. View today: How Businesses Can Boost Revenue from Inbound Phone Calls