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How to capitalize on conversation trends across America (on-demand webinar)

In case you missed it, check out the on-demand version of our Conversation Trends Across America and How You Can Capitalize On Them webinar. 

Our Marchex marketing team recently partnered with researchers from the Marchex Institute to provide actionable insights on data uncovered in a study of over 1.8 million calls across industries and geographies.

Gaining an edge in business isn’t easy. More and more, companies are relying on data for the insights they need to differentiate themselves from their competition. At Marchex, we have a department dedicated to data research to help our customers gain an advantage in their fields.

The Marchex Institute is the team of data scientists at Marchex that dives deep into data to surface hidden insights that can be acted upon to improve business. They can cut and slice the data in a variety of ways to uncover learnings in different industries or by product use case. They can also create customized reports for our customers or review data specific to a job function, like a digital marketer or a sales operations director. And occasionally they can have a little fun…

Earlier this year, the Institute analyzed more than 1.8 million phone calls from multiple industries across the United States to gain insights on customer service trends across the country. The findings were both entertaining and compelling: From 50 ways to say “No” to learning What’s up with Wyoming? Even more important, they are actionable (See Tips for dealing with angry customers).

Learn how call-handling practices impact revenue and gain best practices to implement to make the most of your inbound phone traffic.

Watch on-demand: Conversation Trends Across America and How You Can Capitalize On Them