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How to find the right Call Analytics platform for your business

Interested in Call Analytics but not sure where to start? You may want to check out the latest report by Martech Today: Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms, A Marketer’s Guide.

The report sets the stage with an update on the market, and then dives into the common capabilities of enterprise-level Call Analytics platforms:

A handy table on page 8 provides a visual comparison of provider capabilities.

Another really useful tool in the report is the evaluation question set used to learn whether a Call Analytics makes sense for your business, what questions to ask to make an informed purchase and a series of steps to take in your evaluation.

The report begins with an overview of the market including the continuing importance of mobile calls, and the higher level of intent of inbound callers that cites Marchex-commissioned research that indicates callers are the best customers. It then contemplates the future of voice search given the rise of voice assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Now, and the growing potential of AI-based conversation analytics.

Call Analytics capabilities can be likened to a journey that a business takes as the need for additional call-measuring capabilities arise. Whether you are just starting out with Call Analytics and tracking calls for operational efficiency, or you are at a stage where you need 100% keyword-level attribution or the ability to understand what happens on every call, finding a platform that can meet your needs today and as your needs evolve is an important consideration. Marchex is profiled on page 33 of the report or learn more about our platform on our Call Analytics Platform overview page.

For your own copy or the report, download now from Digital Marketing Depot.

Read the full report Pick Up The Phone: Your Best Customer Is On The Line from Forrester Consulting.