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How to rescue a lost sales opportunity

You spend plenty of marketing dollars to drive phone calls to your business, and these high-value callers represent your future loyal customers and revenue. But not every call goes as planned.

For a variety of reasons, callers may disconnect without scheduling a meeting or booking an appointment, and your opportunity to guide that prospect to becoming a customer is lost.

Whether there was a misunderstanding about pricing options or inexperienced personnel handling high-intent callers, sometimes calls that should have led to new business fail.

Get a second chance

There’s good news: That failed call doesn’t have to be the end of the customer journey. What if you were alerted in real time when a high-intent call ended in a negative result?

And what if you had all the information you needed to redial that caller then and there—before they called a competing company?

With Marchex Sales Edge Rescue, you can.

Recover missed opportunities

Marchex Sales Edge Rescue is an AI-infused call monitoring solution that analyzes calls in real time in search of signals that show intent and outcome. When a call contains both a high-intent signal and negative outcome signal, that call is flagged as a missed opportunity, and you can get notified via email or text.

That alert contains the call details you need to learn about what went wrong, as well as a link to the callback number so you can take immediate action to re-engage with the prospect.

With Marchex Sales Edge Rescue, you can improve your marketing outcomes without increasing your budget. Don’t let the leads you drive get disconnected. Save your lost opportunities by getting a second chance to convert your prospects.

To learn more,view our on-demand webinar: How to Rescue a Missed Opportunity…In Real Time.