How tutoring franchises with multiple locations can boost revenue

by Matthew Butler

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For tutoring and other education franchises, calls drive a significant source of revenue. After all, students or their parents want to know what to expect before committing to a package of sessions. When they are ready to make a purchase, they make a call.

The way calls are handled can make the difference in whether or not your business makes a sale. How do you know which centers perform well over the phone and which need to go to school? Many franchise-based and multi-location businesses implement “secret shopper” programs for quality control.

How calls can be monitored

Historically, “secret shopper” programs were handled in one of two ways:

  1. Listen to every phone call. Unfortunately, this solution was labor-intensive, error-prone, costly and could not be scaled.
  2. The other option was call sampling, where only a portion of calls were evaluated. These results can easily be skewed depending on the parameters of the sample (number of calls, time of day, location, etc.).

Today, you can gain insight into every step of a prospective student’s journey, and allow each location to perform at an exceptional level by understanding what happens on every call in real time:

  • Improve call handling at every learning center
  • Provide an excellent customer experience at every location
  • Convert more callers into students

How agent performance can be improved

When you learn what happens on every call, you can gain insights that may change your business. For example, one Marchex customer saw more than a two-point increase in its call conversion rate over a 6-month period. The customer partnered with Marchex to gain insights on phone handling performance by its sales centers. Script tracking helped them achieve a cost-effective, automated way to measure store performance for every call. Using a custom “scorecard,” the company learned what made calls successful and shared those insights across their organization.

For more insights on how this customer improved call handling and boosted revenue across multiple locations, read our datasheet.