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Interview with Scott Mitchell Product Marketing Manager, Marchex Call Analytics

Today I’m with Scott Mitchell, Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Conversation Edition of Marchex Call Analytics. Scott’s team recently released a new Executive Overview Dashboard that’s designed to bubble up a summary of key metrics culled from the customer’s overall analytics data residing in the MCA platform. I sat down with Scott to discuss how the Executive Overview Dashboard helped a major global telecommunications company recover failed calls stemming from an email campaign.

Jana Baker: You’ve been a speech analytics product marketing manager at Marchex for almost a year now. What’s the experience been like?

Scott Mitchell: It’s been great, Jana. I’ve previously marketed various cloud products from enterprise fax messaging to workflow automation. Now, I’m marketing a speech analytics product. What really stood out to me with speech analytics was this notion of customer calls as data. Like a lot of people, I assumed the web was making consumer-to-business calls obsolete. I was shocked by how wrong I was. As I started diving in, it made sense. I, myself, prefer calling a business directly for inquiries, but I thought that was just me being old school.

Jana Baker: People definitely still call when working with certain types of businesses, Telco being one of them. I heard that one of our Telco customers had success with our new Executive Overview Dashboard now available in the Conversation Edition. Can you share the full story?

Scott Mitchell: Sure. This customer is one of the largest telco providers in the world, and they use our technology to track how well their telesales agents in the call center are servicing customers right at the point of sale. They recently deployed the Executive Overview Dashboard and were soon able to address failed calls coming in from an email campaign.

Jana Baker: How did that come about?  

Scott Mitchell: One of the best things about Marchex is our Customer Success team. When we release a new feature, they’re quick to showcase it to customers. Shortly after the new dashboard launched, the Success team for this customer shared weekly reports to show the value of the new feature. A few weeks in, the team encountered a stat in the Executive Overview Dashboard’s leaderboard indicating a high rate of failed calls coming in from one of the customer’s email campaigns.

Jana Baker: I see. So, what happened?

Scott Mitchell: The team recommended the customer drill down further. The customer discovered that the high failed call rate was occurring because calls from the email campaign were being routed to call agents who worked limited business hours. So, the customer asked the agency managing the email campaign to change the routing number to their 24-hour call center.

Jana Baker: Wow! That’s great that the dashboard helped uncover an operational issue. Addressing routing breakdowns can have a significant business impact. The customer must have been pretty happy.

Scott Mitchell: They were, and so were we! In fact, the customer called us at 3:30 pm on a Friday just to share the news. Marchex believes in keeping the customer at the center of everything we do. In an era where quality customer experiences are business-critical, providing a sophisticated level of conversational insights so that our customers can see and pick their “low hanging fruit” is important to us.

Jana Baker: Thanks for sharing, Scott! That’s a great story.

To learn more about the Executive Overview Dashboard available with our Speech Analytics technology, download our one-sheet.