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Is your business missing key opportunities?

For businesses that rely on the phone channel for profitability, setting up marketing programs to drive calls is often a key strategy. As a marketer at one of these businesses, you likely spend your budget on digital campaigns that drive inbound calls. So, your company has a vested interest to learn what happens when calls come in.

Digital advertising programs can tell you that a phone number was clicked and a call was made. But, they can’t tell you how the call was handled our what the outcome was.

Learning what happens when a call comes in is the first step to optimizing it. Was it routed quickly to the correct place? Did the agent answer promptly and provide a warm greeting?

Points where prospects can fall off the path to purchase are numerous

If you think of the customer journey as a series of touchpoints across channels beginning with awareness and finalizing at the point of sale, a lot of events need to stack up right for a prospect to become a customer:

  • The prospect is searching to solve an issue your business can help with.
  • Your business solves runs ad campaigns on key search phrases and the prospect sees your ad
  • After considering the first 2-3 ads they see, the prospect clicks to call from your ad
  • The customer connects with your interactive phone menu and selects the appropriate response
  • The call is handled by an agent that can answer questions and provide next steps to solve the customer’s issue
  • The customer wants to take the next step and agrees to make an appointment, schedule a consultation, come in for a visit, book a reservation, or order something over the phone.

Even assuming your ad appears when the prospect searches and the prospect clicks, there are still several places where the journey can break down.

How to optimize every sales call

Conversation Analytics can provide a global look at calls at each step of the journey. You can also drill into the analytics for more details of what’s not going as planned, which helps you understand the steps to take to optimize.

Join us next Tuesday, March 19th for a live webinar on the Marchex Lost Opportunities dashboard, which surfaces the points on the caller journey where drop-offs occur. Gain a better understanding of your customers’ journey and take steps along the way to optimize it.

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